Scratch Bar

Who doesn’t love the way fresh herbs and juices taste compared to canned goods and dried herbs? Now imagine how amazing that would taste in your favorite cocktail. Let’s break this cabin fever streak with fresh tastes from the garden… not my garden… or any garden in Wisconsin for that matter being that it’s winter and all… But hey! It’s fresh, so that’s my point.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out already, the keyword in this new menu is fresh; fresh fruit juiced and muddled with fresh herbs. The Scratch Bar features my spin on vintage cocktails and my own creations. Taking classic cocktails and making them my own is how I can pay homage to some of my favorite drinks.

Craft Cocktails

Take the Ginger Rodgers, for instance. The Ginger Martini was created in the late 80s in Brooklyn, New York, at The Odeon restaurant. Upon tweaking the Ginger Martini, the Ginger Rodgers was created this year in Beloit, Wisconsin, at the Beloit Club. It features Absolut Citron, freshly juiced lemon, fresh ginger puree and simple syrup, and it’s named after one of Hollywood’s finest actresses. This drink will have your palate dancing like Ginger and Fred Astaire.

When life gives you lemons, grab good vodka and make a Lemon Drop Martini. Created in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco in the 1970s, the vodka-based drink can also be seen as a shot or made with a fruity variation, such as muddled blueberries or crushed raspberries. The Lemon Perfection is part of the new Scratch Bar and my own interpretation of the Lemon Drop, and I can guarantee it is the best Lemon Drop you will ever have. You may not be able to have just one…

Craft Cocktails

Ever heard of the Pisco Sour? It gets its name from the Peruvian brandy, Pisco, and sour citrus juice, but what makes this cocktail so unique is shaking the ingredients with egg whites to give it a froth that is ideal for sipping on. Its Peruvian origin and use of Pisco inspired the name of my spin-off drink, the Peruvian Sour.

Every cocktail on this special menu contains freshly squeezed juice and/or freshly muddled fruits and herbs. From drinks served straight up to cocktails on the rocks and ingredients of fresh lavender to fresh cherry puree, these libations will leave you wanting more.

Craft Cocktails

Did I mention it’s also fun to watch the mixologists mix and muddle? Stop in and let us squeeze and shake it for you… have I led you astray yet? Don’t answer that…

See you at the club!