Club Fitting 101

Golf Fitting

The most common issue with golfers today is that they don’t get fit for their clubs. Not getting fit for your clubs is like buying a pair of shoes without knowing if they’re the right size. The average golfer will play with whatever clubs they are given or with the clubs they like the most on the shelf. The easiest way to ensure that you are getting the most distance and hitting your clubs as accurately as possible is to get properly fit.

Things like lie angle, length, grip, shaft, flex, kick point and weight all make an enormous difference in your golf swing. A small difference in just one of these things can be the reason why you aren’t hitting it 20 yards farther, why you are hitting a slice or why you chunk everything. Every person who plays golf at least once or twice per week should get fit for their clubs.

So, what is club fitting and why should you care? Club fitting is the process of adjusting your golf clubs, so that they are tailored to your body and golf swing to ensure maximum distance, forgiveness and accuracy. Without going through this process, golfers are missing out big time! You may even be creating a bad habit in your swing to compensate for a club that isn’t fit for you.

How does it work? A certified golf professional takes you through the process of fitting every club in your bag. Driver, woods, irons, wedges and your putter will all be fit to your swing, otherwise, like I said before, you’re missing out. The whole process takes about an hour or two and is painless. As a golfer, I carried the common misconception that I could play with whatever clubs I wanted and it would make no difference. But when I got to college and got fit for my clubs for the first time, I discovered that my high fade that I struggled with was a result of having the incorrect shafts and lie angle, rather than a problem with my swing. So, I got fit and replaced my shafts and BOOM the fade was replaced by a natural draw, and I picked up 20 yards with driver and increased accuracy with my irons.

Every golfer should be fit for their clubs. Playing clubs that you just picked up off the shelf is cheating yourself from distance and accuracy. You will most likely end up like I was, scratching your head in frustration and unable to fix a bad ball flight. Make your clubs your own and get fit! It’s not complicated and you will reap the rewards once you get onto the course. Who could say no to gaining more distance and accuracy without much effort?

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